solution for picky eaters

My name is Tanya and I am the creator and designer of  Swage. My husband, Dan, is my co-creator and designer. Swage. is a small family-owned business operated out of Calgary, AB. We have two free-spirited, creative, and strong-willed boys who love to eat! We developed Swage. as a way to help children who are finicky eaters and continuing to refuse food at mealtimes. These times can be difficult for parents when it comes to striving to meet the nutritional needs of their little ones. Preparing food and feeding can be frustrating and stressful for everyone involved so we created this product as a means to help alleviate some mealtime anxiety for parents and their children. Our goal is to help children develop a healthy relationship with food and empower them to make decisions about what they eat. Allowing a child to have some control over what they eat will pave the way for a future of healthy choices.

So, even though mealtime can be frustrating we say, 'Let them be picky!' Let them veto a portion of their meal and watch how freedom and independence change the way they view eating and learn to appreciate food.  As an educator, I have researched and learned that giving power to a child in a situation where they feel powerless will change the way they view the experience in a positive way. Allowing our children to eat intuitively will set them on a path towards healthy adulthood.


Our goal was to make a quality product that is appealing to children and will hopefully make mealtime more fun and enjoyable. Our eco-friendly, FDA-approved, silicone plates are dishwasher and microwave safe and are non-slip on most surfaces. They are easy to use at home and can also fit nicely in a travel bag to be taken to a restaurant or on vacation. Our products are geared towards eaters of all ages! With so many functions, Our products can be used with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and young children. The picky portion can be used to veto foods, hold dips, introduce new foods for kids to try, or to hold craft materials. The uses are endless!

Don't let mealtime be POOPY! Let's make it MAGICAL with Swage.